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May 16th, 2010

Hey everyone. Well I’ve been away for a while. Here is a quick rundown to keep you all updated with my life… I am sure you’re all DYING to know…

Over the Spring I worked on a great indie horror/sci-fi/comic book flick called SUCKER, directed by Mike Manasseri with cinematography by the amazingly talented Deka Brothers, not to mention an amazing crew of creatives & friends. It was a really great experience to work so closely with “the Deka’s”, as we call them, who have a unique vision and style all on their own–keep an eye out for the soon-to-be-released Sodium Babies, the Deka’s first feature film, a visceral and stunning work of cinema produced over the last 5 years. Mike was a driven & tough director, and he not only ran an insanely huge crew on a tight schedule & budget, but he played the lead character of man-turned-mosquito. Mike sat through about two hours of makeup every “morning” (I put that in quotes because our schedule was usually 7PM-7AM) and wore painful full-eye contact lenses to play the part. Amazing stuff. I also got the pleasure to meet none other than Lloyd Kaufman of Troma fame–a comedic genius and a real sweetheart to boot.

Right after that wrapped up, I traveled far, far away to Kennecott, Alaska, a remote abandoned mining town in the center of Wrangell-St. Elias National Park.

kennecott ii

Kennecott i

Traveling with fellow industrial archaeologist Jeremy Blakeslee, we found Kennecott to be a veritable ‘motherlode’ of history, architecture, abandonment, and just plain craziness. A future article will feature the trip and many photos, and a forthcoming documentary will showcase the mines, their history, and the occasional people who still live in the nooks and crannies around this magnificent abandoned wonder of the world.

Keep an eye out here for a new series that will feature video portraits and interviews with some of my favorite Detroit-area artists. First up will be Kevin Joy, the elusive artist of grasshopper fame (yes, we found him), followed by my good-good friend Adam Ziskie, children’s book artist and all-around professional weirdo. Good times!

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  1. Spencer

    Geoff! Glad to hear that your trip went so well. Looking forward to seeing more shots from Alaska, and can’t wait to see the documentary. Looks like you’ve had some awesome things going on lately, and here’s hoping they continue. Keep up the good work!

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